Unmasking the Digital Deceit: Delhi High Court Sounds Alarm on Cybercrime Surge

In a world marred by the rising wave of cybercrime, the Delhi High Court underscores the urgent need for collective awareness and action. At Innvikta, we echo this concern, recognizing the pervasive threat that cyber scams pose to individuals, professionals, and the integrity of our justice system.

Understanding the Challenge:

The High Court rightly acknowledges cybercrime as a genuine and troubling problem affecting everyone. The evolving nature of scams, such as the alarming ‘digital arrest’ scam, demands immediate attention and action. Scamsters show no discrimination, making indiscriminate calls that target lawyers, judges, businessmen, and ordinary citizens alike.

Innvikta’s Perspective:

As a cybersecurity advocate, Innvikta aligns with the High Court’s call for reform in the policing system and an increased focus on technological advancements. We believe that awareness is the cornerstone of defense against cyber threats. In response to the petition’s concern about inactive cyber cell websites, we stress the need for accessible, informative platforms that keep the public abreast of the latest cybercrime trends.

The Role of Awareness Campaigns:

We supports the plea’s emphasis on running awareness campaigns. Cybercrime is a dynamic landscape, and individuals must be equipped with knowledge to recognize and report threats. Simplicity in the reporting process is key, and we endorse the idea of a user-friendly mechanism for lodging cybercrime complaints.

Building a Cyber-Resilient Future:

The High Court rightly emphasizes the importance of a unified system to verify the genuineness of orders passed by authorities. At Innvikta, we believe in building a cyber-resilient future where individuals, businesses, and government institutions can navigate the digital realm securely.


Innvikta stands at the forefront of the battle against cyber threats. We advocate for enhanced awareness, streamlined reporting mechanisms, and collaboration among stakeholders. The ‘digital arrest’ scam is a wake-up call, and together, we can fortify our defenses, ensuring a safer digital landscape for all.

Stay informed. Stay vigilant. Stay cyber-safe with Innvikta.

Source: https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/india/problem-of-cybercrime-troubling-everyone-policing-system-needs-to-be-reformed-hc/articleshow/106901065.cms?from=mdr