KillPhish - Phishing Incident Response

Empower your employees to take a proactive stance against phishing attacks with KillPhish—an advanced email threat protection solution. Killphish offers an easy-to-deploy solution, enabling users to report phishing and other threats safely.

KillPhish - A Simple Click to Report Phishing Attacks

Killphish empowers regular users to become cybersecurity vigilantes by simplifying the identification and reporting of suspicious emails. With its intuitive interface and seamless integration, Killphish encourages users to actively participate in safeguarding their organization’s security. By providing a user-friendly platform to report phishing attempts, it fosters a culture of collective vigilance, augmenting the capabilities of the SOC team. Regular users become frontline defenders, swiftly identifying and reporting potential threats, thereby bolstering the organization’s resilience against phishing attacks. Killphish transforms users into proactive guardians of cybersecurity, enhancing threat detection and response capabilities through widespread engagement and collaboration.

Easy Deployment

InSAT's phish reporting button, Killphish, offers effortless deployment and seamless integration with Google and Microsoft ecosystems. This intuitive tool simplifies the process of reporting suspicious emails, empowering users to flag potential threats with ease. Its compatibility with popular platforms ensures broad accessibility, facilitating swift incident response and threat mitigation. With Killphish, organizations enhance their cybersecurity posture by harnessing the collective vigilance of their users. Streamlined deployment and integration enable quick adoption, empowering users to actively contribute to the defense against phishing attacks, bolstering overall security measures effectively.

User Resilience

Killphish helps build user resilience. User resilience transcends mere click rates in phishing simulations. It hinges on proactive engagement, where users not only avoid clicking malicious links but also actively report suspicious emails. A higher volume of reported emails compared to click rates signifies user vigilance and proactive cybersecurity behaviors. This shift in focus emphasizes the importance of empowering users to become active participants in threat detection and mitigation. By fostering a culture where reporting suspicious emails is encouraged and celebrated, organizations cultivate resilience against phishing attacks. User resilience is thus measured not just by avoidance but by active involvement in safeguarding digital assets and data.

Live Inbox Training

KillPhish serves as a guide, aiding users in discerning the subtleties of phishing attacks, thus enhancing their ability to identify and evade potential threats. Through real-time engagement with suspicious emails, users gain practical insights, fortifying their cybersecurity awareness and resilience. This proactive approach transforms routine inbox interactions into valuable educational experiences, empowering users to actively contribute to the organization's defense against cyber threats. Reporting suspicious emails cultivates a culture of continuous learning and vigilance, strengthening the collective cybersecurity posture with each reported phishing attempt.

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