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74% of Breaches Involve
A Human Element
• Common Threats: Social Engineering and Misuse of Stolen Credentials.
• Social engineering tactics are often the of entry in a Ransomware attack.
Persistent Threat
Of Phishing Emails
Key insights:
• Startling fact: 91%of Cyberattacks Originate from Phishing Email.
• Everyday Battle Whopping 156 Million Phishing Email attempted, 16 Million sneak past Security Filters.
• Human Vulnerablity: Despite FIlters, 80,000 Recipients Succumb to Phishing Scams Daily
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The New Security stack

Starts with a Human

Safeguard your organisation with InSAT
Security Awareness Training

Security Awareness Training

Empower teams to make better decisions and protect your organization from social engineering.

In today’s digital landscape, the human element is both an asset and a vulnerability. Our Security Awareness Training is crafted to transform your employees into your strongest security asset. Through a series of interactive, engaging modules, we cover everything from the basics of cybersecurity to advanced threat detection techniques. Our program is designed to foster a culture of security within your organization, ensuring that every team member is equipped with the knowledge and tools needed to protect against digital threats. With InSAT, elevate your team’s security awareness and turn potential vulnerabilities into fortified defences.

Automated Phishing Simulator

Stay Ahead of Threats with InSAT’s Automated Phishing Simulator.

Phishing attacks are evolving, but so are we. Our Automated Phishing Simulator is your frontline defense against the most common yet effective cyber threats. Our sophisticated cyberattack simulations mimic real-life phishing scenarios, providing your employees with hands-on experience in identifying and reacting to phishing attempts. By regularly testing and training your team, we ensure they are always a step ahead, ready to respond to actual phishing incidents with confidence. With Innvikta, prepare your team to face phishing threats head-on, reducing the risk to your organization.

Phishing Incident Response

Enhance Your Defense with our Phishing Incident Response by empowering your users to report Phsihing emails.

In the fast-paced world of cyber threats, empowering your employees to act swiftly against phishing emails is crucial. InSAT’s Phishing Incident Response feature introduces a simple yet powerful tool: a report button seamlessly integrated into your email system. This enables users to instantly notify security teams upon identifying a suspicious email, streamlining the process of flagging potential threats. Our approach not only accelerates the detection and mitigation of phishing attempts but also fosters a proactive security culture within your organization. By involving every employee in your cybersecurity efforts, InSAT transforms your workforce into an alert and responsive defense mechanism, significantly enhancing your organization’s resilience against phishing attacks.

Security Inbox

Streamline Threat Management with Security Inbox.

The Security Inbox by InSAT a is your centralized solution for managing and mitigating cybersecurity threats. This intuitive platform allows employees to easily report suspicious emails, streamlining the process of identifying and responding to potential threats. Our advanced analysis tools evaluate and prioritize reported incidents, ensuring rapid response to the most critical threats. By empowering your employees to be an active part of your cybersecurity defense, InSAT’s Security Inbox enhances your overall security posture, making your organization a harder target for cyber attackers.

What Our Customers Have to Say About Us

What Our Customers Have to Say About Us

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