InSAT LMS: Your Security Hub for Training Solutions

One Platform. Complete Solution. Automated, Robust, and SCORM-Compliant.

InSAT’s Learning Management System (LMS) is User-friendly, offers simplicity, versatility, and SCORM compliance. It facilitates seamless navigation and customization, accommodating diverse training needs effortlessly. Alongside preloaded content, users can easily upload their own training materials, fostering adaptability and personalization. In addition to SCORM compliance, the platform boasts features such as course completion tracking, enabling administrators to monitor learner progress comprehensively. Moreover, automatic certificate generation upon course completion adds value by recognizing and validating learner achievements. With InSAT’s LMS, organizations can efficiently manage training initiatives, ensuring learners engage effectively while enhancing knowledge retention and skill development, all within a user-friendly interface.

Dedicated Mobile Friendly Portal

The InSAT LMS stands as a dedicated learning portal, operating in the cloud and optimized for mobile accessibility. This platform provides users with a centralized hub to access and manage all their training materials seamlessly. Its cloud-based architecture ensures universal access, enabling users to engage with their courses anytime, anywhere. Furthermore, its mobile-friendly design enhances convenience, allowing users to learn on the go. InSAT's LMS empowers learners with flexibility and convenience, facilitating continuous education and skill development in an intuitive digital environment.


The InSAT LMS doesn't just offer courses; it also issues course completion certificates, serving as powerful motivators for users. These certificates validate their efforts, providing tangible proof of skill acquisition and completion of training milestones. As a result, users feel acknowledged and rewarded for their dedication, boosting morale and motivation to continue learning. This recognition not only enhances user satisfaction but also reinforces a culture of continuous improvement within organizations. With InSAT's LMS, the issuance of course completion certificates acts as a catalyst for ongoing engagement and skill development, driving positive outcomes for both individuals and businesses.

SCORM Compliant

The InSAT LMS is SCORM compliant, unlocking a world of interactive e-learning possibilities. This adherence to standards enables the integration of dynamic elements such as gamification, assessments, and interactive modules. Users engage with content in immersive ways, fostering deeper understanding and retention. Through gamified experiences, learning becomes inherently enjoyable, motivating users to actively participate and progress. Assessments provide valuable feedback, gauging comprehension and informing future learning paths. InSAT's SCORM-compliant LMS facilitates a rich and interactive learning environment, where users can explore, engage, and grow their skills effectively, ensuring meaningful and impactful learning experiences.


The InSAT LMS seamlessly integrates with leading identity management solutions like Microsoft Azure Active Directory, Okta, OneLogin, PingOne Ping Identity, OpenLDAP, and MS Active Directory via LDAP. This integration streamlines user authentication and access management processes, ensuring seamless user experiences and enhancing security. Users can conveniently access the LMS using their existing credentials, eliminating the need for additional account creation or management. Furthermore, centralizing user authentication through trusted identity providers enhances data security and compliance with organizational policies. InSAT's LMS integration with these identity management platforms optimizes user onboarding, authentication, and access control, facilitating efficient and secure learning experiences.

Training Library

The InSAT LMS features a comprehensive course library, enriched with content from third-party providers. This extensive repository covers a diverse array of topics, ranging from general knowledge to specialized subjects like compliance, GDPR, phishing, and social engineering. Users gain access to a wealth of resources tailored to their learning needs, facilitating skill development and knowledge enhancement across various domains. With content curated by experts, the LMS ensures high-quality learning experiences, enabling users to stay abreast of industry trends and regulatory requirements while fostering continuous growth and proficiency in both foundational and specialized areas of expertise.

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