Innvikta Security Awareness Training (InSAT)

Your Journey from Novice to Human Firewall

InSAT stands out as an intuitive platform, offering unparalleled ease of use for all users. Its user-friendly interface makes planning and executing trainings and simulations a breeze, even for those with minimal technical expertise. With simple navigation and clear instructions, anyone can efficiently manage security awareness initiatives. From scheduling sessions to monitoring progress, InSAT streamlines the entire process, eliminating complexity and frustration. Its intuitive design ensures seamless integration into existing workflows, empowering organizations to effectively enhance their security posture without unnecessary hurdles. InSAT is the go-to solution for effortless and effective security awareness training management.

Security Awareness Library

InSAT's Security Awareness Training Library is a comprehensive solution tailored to meet all compliance requirements. With a diverse range of engaging modules, it ensures users are well-equipped with the knowledge needed to navigate potential security risks. From phishing awareness to data protection, every aspect of security is covered extensively. Regular updates guarantee relevance and effectiveness. Users find the training enjoyable and effective, thanks to its interactive and engaging format. InSAT's library stands out for its ability to educate while keeping users entertained, making it an indispensable tool for organizations serious about maintaining a secure environment.

Action Based Enrollment

InSAT's action-based enrollment feature revolutionizes security training by identifying weaknesses and assigning personalized trainings to users in a non-punitive manner. By analyzing user actions and behaviors, InSAT intelligently identifies areas where individuals may require additional support or education. Rather than resorting to punitive measures, the platform takes a proactive approach, offering tailored training modules designed to address specific weaknesses. This approach fosters a culture of continuous learning and improvement, empowering users to enhance their security awareness without fear of reprimand. InSAT's action-based enrollment ensures that training efforts are targeted and effective, ultimately strengthening the organization's overall security posture.

Comprehensive Reporting

InSAT, offers advanced reporting for deep user-level insights and organization-wide risk analysis. Its comprehensive reports help identify vulnerabilities and measure training effectiveness, facilitating targeted improvements. Designed for ease of use, InSAT simplifies report generation for management and compliance purposes, making it ideal for presenting to top executives and auditors. By providing detailed insights into cybersecurity awareness and readiness, InSAT empowers organizations to make informed decisions, enhance training programs, and meet regulatory obligations, ultimately strengthening their defense against cyber threats and reducing risk exposure.

Platform Integrations

InSAT integrates with all major third-party, cloud-based services. Be it a Learning Management Systems (LMS), Single-Sign-On (SSO), Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRMS), or Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS), we can sync with your existing workflows.

API Integration

Connecting your systems with our ecosystem is a breeze. Innvikta's API simplifies the process, offering robust calls for data access and modification. Import targets, launch campaigns, and receive reports seamlessly.

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