Our Cybersecurity Awareness Solutions
Dedicated Virtual
Training Instance
Customized and Managed Cyber Security awareness training with VLE

Off the shelf, one-off trainings cannot validate your unique cybersecurity vision. Customized and continuous training curriculum that speaks to YOUR colleagues about YOUR security policy is the need of the hour in this rapidly changing threat landscape.

Transform your employees into your strongest line of defense.
Turn your so-called weakest link into your strongest asset
Cybersecurity awareness done right.
All-year-round managed training and simulated phishing to ensure continuous improvement

Business operations today are being driven by digital technology, and the need to secure one’s networks, systems, and people from cyber-attacks is of paramount importance.

In the digital age where one wrong click can cause monumental damage, a culture of awareness and resilience is the most effective approach to stay ahead of skilled threat actors. At Innvikta, our team of cybersecurity experts is dedicated to the goal of powering our clients to generate trust in their systems backed by a proactive, vigilant workforce.

Customized and Managed Simulated Phishing Tool

Perform On Premise or Cloud based Simulated Phishing attacks to test and prepare your employees for malicious emails in a controlled environment. Our solution is accompanied by detailed analytics along with relevant training content to train your team on the Dos and Don’ts of cyber security.

Get actionable insights and witness the improvement in your employees’ response to phishing emails.

Pay for what you need. Unlimited is unnecessary.

In a multi-layered cybersecurity stack, no matter how strong the technical security layers are, an organization’s network infrastructure is still vulnerable to manipulation of the human element.

It’s not enough to just get all the boxes ticked – retention and proactive adoption of best practices is the key to effectively manage the notorious problem of social engineering.

Security awareness training has a reputation for being challenging for employees to understand and difficult for organizations to get right.

This is where Innvikta comes in. We engineer an immersive cybersecurity security training experience supplemented with interactive elements, gamification, and periodic assessments. With Innvikta's cybersecurity awareness training and easily implementable solutions, we help our clients motivate their employees to align with the organization's cybersecurity culture.

  • Customized, interactive training programs integrated with state-of-the-art learning content
  • Continuous learning with engaging micromodules, infographics and gamification
  • Managed services with Dedicated Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)
  • Periodic testing, assessments, and analytics to measure impact and initiate mitigation plans
  • Immersive, interesting content to capture the audience’s attention right from the start
  • Phishing simulation platform with test templates, landing pages and correctives
  • Flexibility to choose between on-premises and cloud-based learning solutions
Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

With the frequency and level of sophistication of cyberattacks on a rise, it is imminent for organizations to utilize professional expertise to secure their infrastructure and applications. To mitigate the risk of security breaches, Innvikta offers ‘Defence in Depth’ with our Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration (VAPT) Testing services.

Vulnerability Assessment covers identifying, defining, and prioritizing risks posed by known vulnerabilities in the organization’s systems using a mix of sophisticated tools.
Infrastructure Penetration Testing involves performing authorized simulated attacks on the organization’s network infrastructure using relevant security frameworks.
Application Penetration Testing is where we assess the security of the application by focusing on exploitable vulnerabilities, architecture, design, and implementation.

Our highly qualified security professionals will ensure that a VAPT engagement with Innvikta equips clients with precise, actionable outcomes and post-test care for effective remediation. Selected hosts or networks are targeted with due care, to safeguard the integrity of the systems, and to prevent any side-effect on other hosts.

Security Policy Creation and Review

In today’s heavily regulated landscape, a robust cybersecurity policy is essential to cover increasingly complex compliance requirements.

Innvikta works with organizations to architect a detailed information security policy and/or conduct review.

How Does It Work?
Innvikta performs a Security Assessment or “Gap Analysis” for your organization and measures it against your compliance requirements.
Post audit, Innvikta helps you create custom policies that fit your business needs and compliance standards.
We ensure that our clients have the appropriate controls in their policies for keeping information and network secure and the organization adherent to regulatory compliance.
Innvikta helps organizations meet their requirements and enable them to establish that they are taking action to protect their business and stakeholders.
ISO 27001
Data Protection Act 2018
Why Customized and Managed?

As the adage goes – ‘One glove does not fit all’. Particularly for cyber security, the challenges to create and run an awareness campaign for all employees are dependent on many factors like the size of the organization, industry-specific policies, and the organization’s culture. Cyber security is something that should seep into every aspect, every department of a business – which is why a customized and managed approach to cyber security training is the right choice for an organization seeking comprehensive assimilation and ROI.

Why Customized?
  • Avoid Ambiguity
  • Corporate Branding
  • Pay only for what you need (Avoid paying for irrelevant content)
  • Language/Region/organization/policy specific content
  • Immersive learning experience for your employees
  • Incident specific infographics (if some incident in the organization)
  • Flexibility to train on most current real-world scenarios
Why Managed?
  • Program designed and Executed by SMEs
  • Customized training that is specific to your organization
  • Customized phishing templates that are specific to your organization
  • Customization gives you flexibility to use your brand logo
  • Gives a personalized touch
  • Customized landing pages
  • Customized assessments according to your requirements
  • Time cost saved on designing phishing campaigns
  • Time cost saved on designing training curriculum
  • Ready reports of metrics you ask for
  • Infographics, mailers, newsletters of latest incidents
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