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At Innvikta, we are passionate about enabling business acceleration for our clients by creating a cyber resilient environment.

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$ 1.2 bn

Was the amount globally reported as lost last year due to e-mail fraud.


Of cyber attacks start with a phishing mail – the most disruptive type of cyber attack.

₹ 16.5 Cr

Was the average cost of a data breach in 2021 for an organization in India.

It takes just one wrong click, one malicious attachment to wreck an organization's operations, finances, and reputation.

Cyber Town is under a Cyberattack.
Help Agent V stop the bad guys.
Customized Cybersecurity Awareness Training
Awareness Training
We Fortify the Human Element of Cybersecurity with Managed Cybersecurity Awareness Training Solutions.

Innvikta provides managed on premise as well as cloud-based training solutions which can be customized to align with your industry, organization, and intent with perfect synergy.

  • Induction training
  • Micro-modules
  • Continuous learning
  • Adapted to preferred language
  • Interactive learning model
  • Assessments & Analytics
  • Dedicated VLEs

Annual Calendar designed according to your requirements. Managed by us. Proven results and ROI.

Managed Simulated Phishing Campaigns
Simulated Phishing
Our Simulated Phishing attacks will test your employees’ vigilance towards malicious emails.

We provide on premise and cloud-based simulated phishing attacks to prepare and test your employees for malicious emails in a controlled environment. Our SMEs supplement the simulations with detailed analytics and relevant training content to encourage a security top of mind culture in your organization.

Pay for what you need. Unlimited is unnecessary.
Information Security Policy Development
Policy Review
Robust Cyber Security Policy and Procedures

We develop and validate a Robust Cyber Security Policy and Procedures that are compliant with the Security Standards & Regulations and clearly reflect your organization’s beliefs, goals and objectives for information security.

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT)
Our security engineers test your website and applications to uncover weaknesses and patch them before it hurts your business.

With our Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing solutions, Innvikta facilitates your organization to discover and fix the vulnerabilities on your website and with an all-round security assessment. Our expert VAPT consultants uncover the security gaps and provide remediation measures to strengthen your network.

Value Proposition

  • Reduced malware infections
  • Reduced data loss
  • Reduced potential cyber-theft
  • Users have security top of mind
  • Reduce risk with Newsletters and Notifications of Zero-day Attacks
  • Reduced help desk calls
  • Reduced cleaning and re-imaging of machines
  • Reduced downtime, increased user productivity
  • Reduced time of internal security team in managing training and phishing, generating reports of important metrics
  • Compliance support
  • Real ROI

Services & Solutions

We create a culture of awareness and continuous learning

Security awareness training, when done right, can help you reduce the risk of socially engineered cyber threats by 70%. We combine our industry experience and technical expertise to audit the security policy and design creative and engaging content.

This ensures that the audience can connect with the content and be enabled to identify threats and make smarter decisions every day.

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Why Customized and Managed?
  • As the adage goes – 'One glove does not fit all'. Particularly for cyber security, the challenges to create and run an awareness campaign for all employees are dependent on many factors like the size of the organization, industry-specific policies, and the organization's culture.

    Cyber security is something that should seep into every aspect, every department of a business – which is why a customized and managed approach to cyber security training is the right choice for an organization seeking comprehensive assimilation and ROI.

What Our Customers Say
Information Security Manager
Leading Bank

Innvikta designed a customized awareness training program within a short time – they covered the latest topics and our company specific policies in a delightfully engaging manner. We have received a very positive employee feedback to the training campaign.

HR Manager
Investment Management company

What I really love about Innvikta is their quick response time to our queries and the flexibility they bring to the awareness campaign creation by incorporating our suggestions and requests for changes. Keep it up, looking forward to a long-term collaboration with you guys!

IT company

Loving the phishing simulation platform. Adding a touch of humor to the subsequent training elements is simply brilliant… it ensures that our employees pay attention and relearn.

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